Flaibach Dress GmbH

Stallbergstraße 27,

36088 Hünfeld, 


Welcome to the website of the German women's fashion designer - Frau Olga Laibach


                   Working on the collection of Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 Frau Laibach was guided by the real needs of women. The designer refers to the classics, ethics and retro styling trends, combining practicality with femininity, which is a "lifestyle" and "DNA" of Flaibach brand.

- Elegance combined with functionality.
- Classic, that does not avoid the elements of glamour and sports silhouettes.
- Delicate, playful "casual".

The collection includes "ascetic" pantsuits and layered combinations of dresses that create a variety of looks in the spirit of the 2018 trends.

Ideal pencil skirts combined with sweatshirts, practical sheath dresses, complemented by sports and romantic "bombers".

Colours are elegant and practical – “colour blocking - fabric blocking”, topical combination of “op art” prints and geometry. Also wallpaper ornaments in the style of William Morris on tapestry fabrics.

The concept of the brand is - The styles, which do not just fit together, but create an image that stays with you regardless of the season. Interpretation of the designer’s elegance is consistent with the spirit of megacities.